Legal notice and information about the conditions of use for the website

Identifying information of the owner of the website

In accordance with the duty of information stipulated in article 10 of Law 34/2002 of 11th July on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, LEMAR LEBEN GROUP,S.L.  (hereafter, “LEMAR”) and in its capacity as owner of the website www., informs you of the identifying information required by that law:

Company name: LEMAR LEBEN GROUP,S.L.


CIF (Tax ID number): B-

Email address:

Data registered in the mercantile registry of VALENCIA, Volume 199, Page 230, Sheet nº4205

This information conforms and regulates the conditions of use, the limitations of liability and the obligations that users of the website which is published under the domain name, assume and undertake to respect.


“Website”, domain which is made available to Internet Users.

“User”, natural or legal person who uses or requests an electronic communications service available to the public.  (Definition present in the European Electronic Communications Code)

“End user”, the user who does not provide public communications networks or electronic communications services available for the public. (Definition present in the European Electronic Communications Code)

“Content”, is the pages that make up the totality of the domain which comprise the information and services that LEMAR LEBEN GROUP,SL. makes available to Internet Users. They contain the messages, texts, photographs, graphics, icons, logos, technology, links, textures, drawings, sound and/or image files, recordings, software, aspect, graphic design and source codes and, in general, any type of material contained on the Website.

“Web”, technical word that describes the system of accessing information via Internet, which is configured using websites made with HTML language or similar, and programming mechanisms such as java, JavaScript, PHP or others, etc. On these websites designed and published under a domain name, are the result of the information that the owner makes available to Internet Users.

“Electronic communications service”, a service normally provided through electronic communication networks for remuneration. (Definition present in the European Electronic Communications Code)

“Internet access service”, electronic communications service available to the public which provides internet access and, thus, connectivity between practically all of the terminal points connected to the internet, regardless of the network technology and terminal equipment used. (Definition present in the Regulation regarding measures in relation to open internet access).

“Hyperlink”, technique through which the User can browse through different Websites, or the Internet, with a simple click on text, an icon, button or indication that contains the link.

“Cookies”, technical means of “tracking” and monitoring the browsing on Websites. They are small text files that are written on the User’s computer. This method has implications for privacy, therefore LEMAR LEBEN GROUP,SL.. will give due and proper notice of their use at the time of their implementation in the Website.

“Terminal equipment”, the equipment directly or indirectly connected to the interface of a public telecommunications network to send, process or receive information. (Definition present in Directive 2008/63 on competition in the markets for telecommunications terminal equipment)


Conditions of use

The simple and mere use of the Website makes you a user of the Website, irrespective of whether you are a natural or legal person, and necessarily implies the complete, full and unreserved acceptance of each and every one of the clauses and general conditions included in the Legal Notice. If the end user does not agree with the clauses and conditions of use of this Legal Notice, they must refrain from using the Website.

This Legal Notice is subject to changes and updates, therefore the version published by LEMAR LEBEN GROUP,SL.  may be different each time the User accesses the Portal.  Therefore, the end User must read the Legal Notice each and every time they access the Website.

Through the Website, end Users are provided with access and the use of the diverse Content published on the Internet by LEMAR LEBEN GROUP,S.L. or by authorised third parties.

The end User is obliged and commits to using the Website and the Content in accordance with current legislation, the Legal Notice, and any other notice or instructions they are made aware of, regardless of whether it is by this legal notice or in any other place within the Content that makes up the Website, as well as the norms of harmonious living, morality and generally accepted good customs.

To this effect, the end User is obliged and agrees NOT to use any of the Content for illegal purposes or effects, prohibited in the Legal Notice or by current legislation, damaging to the rights and interests of third parties, or that in any way may damage, disable, overload, deteriorate or prevent the normal use of the Content, the computer equipment or documents, files and all types of content stored on any own computer equipment or that contracted by LEMAR LEBEN GROUP,S.L., of other Users of any other Internet user (hardware and software).

The end user is obliged to and agrees not to disclose, disseminate or make available to third parties any type of material contained on the Website, including but not limited to information, text, data, contents, message, graphics, pictures, sound and/or image files, photographs, recordings, software, logos, brands, icons, technology, photographs, software, links, graphic design and source codes, or any other material they have access to in their condition as User of the Website.

Furthermore, in accordance with all of this, the end User must not:

  • Reproduce, copy, distribute, make available to others or publicly disclose in any other way, transform or modify the Content, unless they have explicit written authorisation from LEMAR LEBEN GROUP,SL., who is the owner of the corresponding rights, or it is legally permitted.
  • Delete, manipulate or in any way alter the copyright and other identifying data referring to the reservation of rights of LEMAR LEBEN GROUP,SL. or its owners, of the digital fingerprints or identifiers, or any other technical means established for its recognition.

The end User must refrain from obtaining and even trying to obtain the Contents by using means or procedures to do so other than those, if applicable, that have been made available for this purpose or which have been indicated to this effect on the Website where the Content is found or, in general, of those normally used on the Internet to this effect provided that they do not pose a risk of harm or deactivation of the Website and/or the Content.


Intellectual property

All of the brands, commercial names or distinctive signs of any type that appear on the Website belong to LEMAR LEBEN GROUP,S.L. or, if applicable, to third parties who have authorised their use, without the use or access to the Portal and/or the Content being understood as attributing the User any right whatsoever to the cited brands, commercial names and/or distinctive signs, and without it being understood to have been passed on to the user any rights of exploitation that exist or may exist of the Content.

In the same way, the Content is the intellectual property of LEMAR LEBEN GROUP,S.L., or of third parties if applicable, and therefore, the Intellectual Property rights belong to LEMAR LEBEN GROUP, S.L. or to third parties who have authorised their use, they have the exclusive rights of exploitation of them in any form and, in particular, the rights of production, distribution, public communication and transformation.

The unauthorised use of the information contained on this Website, as well as the breach of the Intellectual or Industrial Property rights of LEMAR LEBEN GROUP,SL. or of third parties included on the Website who have provided their contents will give rise to the liabilities established by law.



People who want to establish hyperlinks between their Website and this Website must observe and comply with the following conditions:

  • Prior authorisation will not be necessary when the Hyperlink only allows access to the homepage, but it must not be reproduced it in any way. Any other form of Hyperlink will require express and unequivocal authorisation in writing from LEMAR LEBEN GROUP,SL..
  • Frames will not be created with the Websites or the Website of LEMAR LEBEN GROUP,S.L.
  • No false, inaccurate or offensive statements or indications will be made about LEMAR LEBEN GROUP,S.L. its management, employees or partners, or the people who interact on the website for any reason or, the Users of the Website, or the Content supplied.
  • It will not be declared or insinuated that LEMAR LEBEN GROUP,S.L. has authorised the Hyperlink or has supervised or assumed in any way the Content offered or made available on the Website on which the Hyperlink is established.
  • The Website on which the Hyperlink is established must only contain strictly the necessary information to be able to identify the destination of the Hyperlink.
  • The Website on which the Hyperlink is established will not contain information or content which is illegal, contrary to morality and generally accepted good customs and public order, and it will not contain content contrary to any rights belonging to third parties.


Cookies policy

Cookies are the technical means of “tracking” and monitoring the browsing on Websites. They are small text files that are written on the User’s computer. This method has implications for privacy, therefore LEMAR LEBEN GROUP,SL. informs you that it may use cookies for the purpose of compiling use statistics of the website as well as to identify the User’s PC in order to recognise them in their subsequent visits.  In any case, the user can configure their browser so it does not allow the use of cookies on their visits to the website.

At we use cookies for the purpose of providing a better service and to provide you with a better browsing experience. We want to inform you clearly and accurately about the cookies we use, explaining below what a cookie is, what it is used for, what its purpose is and how you can configure them or disable them if you wish.

In accordance with the Spanish law that regulates the use of cookies in relation to providing electronic communication services, contained in Real Decree Law 13/2012 of 30th March, we inform you about the cookies used on the website belonging to (hereafter the “Website”) and the reasons for their use. In addition, LEMAR LEBEN GROUP,SL. Informs you that by browsing the Website you are providing your consent for them to be used.

The cookies used on our Website can be own and third party cookies, and they enable us to store and access information relating to language, the type of browser used, and other general characteristics predefined by the user, as well as tracking and analysing the activity carried out, for the purpose of introducing improvements and providing our services in a more efficient and personalised way.

The use of cookies offers numerous advantages in providing information society services, given that, among other things:  they facilitate the user’s browsing of the Website and access to the different services it offers; they prevent the user having to configure the pre-defined general characteristics each time they access the Website; they favour the improvement of the working and of the services provided through the Website, through the relevant analysis of information obtained using the cookies installed.

However, you can configure your browser, accepting or rejecting all of the cookies, or selecting those whose installation you allow and those you don’t, following one of the procedures below, depending on the browser used:


Availability of the page

LEMAR LEBEN GROUP,S.L. does not guarantee the absence of interruptions or errors in accessing the Website, its Content, or that they will be updated, although it will do its best, if applicable, to prevent them, remedy them or update them. Accordingly, LEMAR LEBEN GROUP,S.L. will not be liable for any type of damage or harm caused to the end User resulting  from failures or disconnections in the telecommunications networks or disconnections in the telecommunications network that cause the suspension, cancellation or interruption of the service of the Portal during the provision of it or prior to it.

LEMAR LEBEN GROUP,S.L. will not be liable, with the exceptions provided for in current legislation, for the damages and harm of any nature that may be due to the lack of availability, continuity or quality of the working of the Website and of the Content, for the failure to meet the expectations that users may have attributed to the Website and its Content.

The function of the Hyperlinks that appear on this Website is exclusively to inform the user of the existence of other Websites that contain information about the subject. These Hyperlinks do not constitute any suggestion or recommendation whatsoever.

LEMAR LEBEN GROUP,S.L. does not accept any liability for the contents of these linked websites, of the working or use of the Hyperlinks or the result of these links, or guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements on them that may cause alterations on the computer system (hardware and software), the user’s documents or files, and will not be liable for the damage of any type caused to the user for this reason.

Access to the Website does not imply the obligation of LEMAR LEBEN GROUP,S.L. to control the absence of viruses, worms or any other harmful computer element. The availability of appropriate detection and disinfection tools for harmful computer programmes is the User’s responsibility, therefore, LEMAR LEBEN GROUP,S.L. will not be liable for the potential security errors that may be caused during the provision of the service of the Website, or of the potential harm that may be caused to the user’s or a third party’s computer system (hardware and software), the files or documents stored on it, as a result of the presence of a virus on the user’s computer used for the connection to services and contents of the Website, of a malfunctioning of the browser or use of non-updated versions of it.


Quality of the Page

Given the dynamic and changing environment of the information and services supplied through the Website, LEMAR LEBEN GROUP,S.L.  does its best, but does not guarantee the complete truthfulness, accuracy, reliability, usefulness and/or timeliness of the Content.

The information contained on the pages that this Portal consists of are solely informative, advisory, explanatory and advertising in nature. They do not, under any circumstances, have a binding or contractual commitment.


Limitation of liability

LEMAR LEBEN GROUP,S.L.  will not be held liable for the decisions that the end User may make based on this information, as well as for the possible typographical errors that the Website’s documents and graphics may contain. The information is subject to potential regular changes without prior notice of its content due to the expansion, improvement, correction or updating of the Content.



All the notifications and communications from LEMAR LEBEN GROUP, S.L. to the end User made by any means will be deemed effective for all purposes.


Availability of the Contents

The provision of the service of the Website and of the Contents is, in principle, indefinite in duration.  LEMAR LEBEN GROUP,S.L. , however, is authorised to terminate or suspend the provision of the service of the Website and/or any of the Content at any time. When reasonably possible, LEMAR LEBEN GROUP,S.L. will notify in advance of the termination or suspension of the Website.


Protection of Data of a Personal Nature

LEMAR LEBEN GROUP,S.L. is aware of the importance of the privacy of data of a personal nature and has therefore implemented a data processing policy orientated towards providing maximum security in the use and collection of data, guaranteeing compliance with the current legislation on the subject and configuring this policy as one of the basic pillars in the entity’s line of action.

While browsing through the website it is possible that data of a personal nature will be requested through different forms available for that purpose. This data will form part of the relevant files in accordance with the particular and specific purpose that motivates the collection of it.

In this way, the specific information for each handling of data will be provided along with each website form, the data controller for all of the handling is LEMAR LEBEN GROUP,S.L. domiciled at C/EN PROYECTO SN,. POLIGONO INDUSTRIAL 2, 46134 FOIOS- VALENCIA, as well as the place and form of exercising the rights of access, rectification, deletion, portability of data, as well as its limitation or opposition to its handling, which you must formalise through a written communication to the address stated above, including a copy of your DNI or equivalent identification document.

In the event that you provide your information through email message, this will form part of a file whose purpose will be to manage the request or comment you make to us, the rest of the points in the previous paragraph will apply.

In addition, the general conditions of contract of the services of LEMAR LEBEN GROUP,SL. carried out by them if any of them are contracted.

Furthermore, LEMAR LEBEN GROUP,SL.. has implemented the necessary technical and organisational measures to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorised access and theft of Personal Data that individuals may provide as a result of accessing the different sections of the website  applying the security measures provided for in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 27th April 2016, on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR).



For any issues that may arise regarding the interpretation, application and compliance of this Legal Notice, as well as the complaints that may arise from its use, all of the parties involved subject themselves to the Courts of Valencia, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them.

Applicable legislation

This Legal Notice is governed by Spanish Law.

All copyrights are reserved by the laws and international treaties on intellectual property. Its copying, reproduction or dissemination, in part or in full, by any means is expressly prohibited.